A 5* Park Requires 5* Training

Date: June 14, 2018

Lifeguard And First Aid Training For The Team

Here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park we strive to maintain and exceed our high standards throughout the award-winning facilities on the park.

We have a swimming pool and fitness centre as part of our facilities and our aim is to provide 5* care and safety for everyone using these. We want families to feel safe at all times. All ages enjoy using the facilities here, therefore the customer care needs to be put in place to ensure the fun can stay fun!

This means keeping our team up to date with the highest standards of training.

Our lifeguards in the swimming pool have to be prepared to face anything from a cut foot to a potential spinal injury, so they need to be trained up and constantly ready to act.

Our team trainer Emma, is part of the Royal Life Saving Society UK and is qualified in First Aid and First Response. She is currently training new and existing team members of the Country Club on an intensive lifeguarding course and also a full first aid course.

Here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park we employ our staff members 12 months of the year to ensure quality care and safety all year round. The high standards are maintained through our team members and this is showcased throughout the 5* facilities. The customers and owners on the park also get the opportunity to get to know that smiley face behind the bar or in the gym and know that they aren’t just here for the summer.

The team here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park are happy to help whenever they can. We like to think that having the professional training put it place, the customer can fully relax and enjoy their time here in the East Yorkshire countryside with no worries.

To see more photos and videos of how the team got on visit our Facebook page here.

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