How to Pick the Perfect Holiday Home for You

Date: April 27, 2017

Buying a holiday home is an exciting time for any family, but when it comes to seeking the perfect holiday home there’s a lot to consider and it can feel overwhelming. Before parting with your cash, use our practical guide to help you on the road to finding the perfect holiday home for you.

Who Is a Holiday Home Suitable For?

Everyone! A holiday park is a friendly holiday community where you can make new friends, see old friends, and generally feel like you’re part of something great. Whilst anyone can find use in a holiday home, they are particularly beneficial for families, as parents can relax while the kids play safely with new-found friends. They tend to attract the older generation too, who are looking for an outdoor lifestyle and a peaceful scenic setting to relax in.

Step 1: “Why am I Considering Buying a Holiday Home?”

First things first, ask yourself the question,”Why am I considering buying a holiday home?”

Is it for a family holiday home? Or a place where you and your loved one can escape? Or maybe it’s just for you to enjoy and relax. The answer you give to this question will determine the size, location and features of your new holiday home.

Family enjoying holiday home

Step 2: Consider the Park

The second thing to consider is the park where you are planning to buy your holiday home.

There are a variety of factors to consider, and we run through them below:

On-site Facilities

Does your desired holiday park have all the on-site facilities you require, such as a gym, pool and spa? Or perhaps a restaurant or cafe for those evenings when you fancy a break from cooking or want to pop in to relax with a good book and a coffee. Make a note of what you require and desire and choose your park based on that.

Swimming Pool at Patrington Haven

What is Included?

It’s easy to get distracted by how amazing you think a holiday home is and forget to factor in all the costs. It’s important to consider all the costs we usually forget about when picking a perfect holiday home. The cost of season site fees and rates, gas and electricity and even TV ariels can all mount up.

Distance from Your Home

You need to consider the distance from your own home and perhaps the homes of your family and friends whom you’d like to visit. Too far a distance can make for an inconvenient trip, but everyone’s distance threshold is personal to them, so decide what’s a suitable and practical distance to travel for your needs.

Local Area and Attractions

Beverley Racecourse
Beverley Racecourse is only a short drive from Patrington Haven.

You should try to pick an area you love to visit and which is perhaps surrounded by local attractions that you, your family and friends can enjoy. Look out for local events, an area of natural beauty, fun days out, and local hobbies you’re interested in.

If you’re looking for the perfect holiday home East Yorkshire has to offer, then Patrington Haven features many facilities and amenities to suit your needs. As well as our own fully equipped Country Club, gym and spa which is open 364 days a year, we offer an on-site restaurant that is perfect for a family get-together.

Step 3: Picking the Perfect Holiday Home

To help you decide, use these points for consideration to source out the perfect option.

The Number of Bedrooms you Require

Consider how many people you want your holiday home to cater for, including guests who may visit during the season. You may want to opt for a two bedroom holiday home that sleeps up to six guests or a three bedroom to sleep eight guests. If you want a little more space, then perhaps choosing a bigger holiday home is your best option – especially if you plan on little ones running around. However, if you’re wanting a smaller space that is personal and cosy, then our perfect pick is the Cosalt Sorrento, which sleeps four people and is the perfect starter holiday home.

The Interior Style

Regal Elegence

The wonderful thing about holiday homes is the multitude of choice and styles they are available in, so you can find something to suit your individual style and interior design aspirations. Opt for a luxurious area that oozes comfort and style such as the ‘BK Lulworth’ that’s complete with a modern fitted kitchen that is beautifully designed with extensive storage and worktop space that includes brand-new modern vinyl flooring. Or go for a bright and contemporary open plan holiday home, with french doors and beautiful oak-effect worktops such as the ‘Regal Elegance’.

Surrounding Features

Would you like your holiday home to feature decking to enjoy the fresh morning air with a cup of coffee, or enjoy a homemade cocktail in the evening as the sun sets? Perhaps there is a particular style of decking you would like, such as wooden decking which blends in well with the natural setting of a holiday park. Consider the uses and exterior hopes you have for your holiday home to help decide on these particular features.

A holiday home can bring great joy to you and your family, and you can set yourself up for a wonderful future in your home away from home. Got a better idea of what you’re looking for in a holiday home? Check out our full range here.

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