Planting Ideas!… How to make the most of your static caravan garden plots.

Date: August 31, 2021

Here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park, we pride ourselves on the way the Parks looks, and that really reflects within Patrington Haven’s wonderful owners too. We are proud to be a little bit different, so we like to give as many options that are possible for the Patrington Owners to make their holiday home perfect. Every caravan comes with its own private garden plot allowing you to make it your own and relax in the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside.

In a world where space is limited, we are always looking for ways to make the most of what we have. One idea that’s been gaining popularity in recent years has been the use of static caravan garden plots. These small gardens can be tucked into the Owners front gardens, or even hidden away around the back for some extra privacy and they’re perfect for those who enjoy the idea of creating a beautiful garden without taking up too much time or space!

There are some great benefits for customising your own private garden plot. If you love the idea of having a place to escape, getting dirty isn’t an issue, and if spending time in nature is something that appeals to you then we suggest planting your very own flowers! The Owners that are here at Patrington Haven all have different ideas on how they would like their private garden to look, and that’s what makes us special. From a minimalistic garden plot to a bright and colourful eccentric garden, we are here to help you create that dream.

Dog Friendly!

A furry friend can be fun to bring along on your holiday. We have a range of options for both decking around your static caravan and fencing around your private garden that will make sure they stay on your holiday home, they will be safe as well as still having fun with the family!

The Park knows how important it is to have your dog with you on a family getaway, and that’s why here at East Yorkshire’s Award Winning Holiday Park we are proud to be a dog friendly park, we have a dog exercise area next to our entrance of the Park where dogs can be let off their leads as well as miles of bridleways adjacent to the Park. In addition to this beautiful open space, the lake that is at the heart of Patrington Haven Leisure Park is also very dog friendly, but we do ask you keep your dogs on a lead.


An example of a low maintenance private garden plot


How can we help?

If you have an image in your head of how you envision your private garden plot to look, our team is full of experience to help make that happen. We also offer an approved grass cutting service to keep the Park at its five-star standard.

Take a look at our helpful owners guide on how to develop your private garden plot, and what we can do to help click here

If you have some time to devote to gardening then there are ways that you can make the most of it!

 Want to be a part of East Yorkshire’s award winning park?

We also want to know what your Patrington Haven Leisure Park static caravan private garden looks like! Send us a picture via our social media pages and tell us about any tips or tricks so other people who staycation in their caravan can get more use out of their space too.

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