The Benefits of Owners Only Holiday Parks

Date: August 11, 2020

The Different Types of Holiday Parks – A quick look at the benefits of owners only holiday parks

Unlike many traditional holiday parks, here at Patrington Haven Leisure Park we are proud to be an Owners only holiday park. But what exactly does this mean for the customers and how does it benefit them? This article will look at the benefits of being an owners only park and show you why your family should be considering looking at Patrington Haven Leisure Park as your holiday destination of choice.

Calm and Peaceful

In the peak season traditional holiday parks can become overcrowded with holidaymakers coming and going as they please and are often crammed in to maximise profits for the park in question. This leads to an overcrowded and noisy environment that’s not suitable for relaxation and enjoyment.


A Nicer Environment

Static caravan owners tend to look after their holiday home much better than a corporate holiday park. This care and attention from owners lead to a much nicer environment with clean holiday homes, personalised gardens and what is overall just a much nicer place to be!

Community Spirit

Perhaps the main reason families choose an owners only park is the sense of community. At Patrington Haven Leisure Park, owners often tell us that it is the community spirit they love most about the park. Its common for owners to speak to their neighbours every day and long lasting friendships are made every day. That’s not to mention the number of owner led clubs and activity groups that add to the vibrant fabric of park life.

Focused on Owners

Unlike parks that have to balance the needs of owners and holiday makers, Patrington Haven Leisure Park’s efforts are solely focused on giving the best customer experience for their owners. We don’t have to think about the comings and goings of holiday makers or investing in facilities that only benefit holiday makers. Owners also benefit from more focused customer service from a team that gets to know owners and their personal requirements.

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