Thinking of Holiday Home Ownership?

Date: April 18, 2018

We know choosing the perfect Holiday Home or Static Caravan can be a tricky choice. That’s why we asked our owners what mattered to them when they were making their big decision. The following guide is packed with essential hints and tips to help you make an informed decision and help you decide what’s important to you.


This guide is for people who are thinking about Holiday Home or Static Caravan ownership and is designed to help people get the best value for money and to highlight the pitfalls to avoid by asking the really important questions.

We hope this guide helps you and your family

Golden Rule – If you are unsure about anything you are told by the sales person always ask for it to be put in writing

If what a Holiday Park tells you is not in writing…


What Do Current Owners Think?

This is a great way to find out what a Park is really like. Search on Facebook and other social media, most Parks have an official site and also Owners group pages and see what the customer experience is really like. You can read Patrington’s here

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Prices and Running Costs

Running costs can be tricky to calculate at some parks. I.E. site fees, general rates, water and sewerage rates, electric service charge etc. Are these all charged separately? Are the figures they quote inclusive of VAT?

Patrington’s Running Costs are a total of £3,962

The breakdown is:

  • Site Fees: £2, 652
  • General Rates: £223.50
  • Water & Sewage Rates: £299.90
  • Electric Service Charge: £126.27

VAT: £660.33 Total: £3,962

Are the prices shown on the web site a “move in price” or are there “extras”?

All prices shown on our website are fully inclusive “move in” prices, with the exception of holiday home insurance, as customers are free to choose their own provider. Also, all caravans on our showground have the same prices shown in the window.

How is Gas supplied to the Holiday Home and what are the gas bottle prices?

Patrington’s are £53.50 for a 47kg delivered and connected.

Electricity …. how is it billed?

Patrington’s Owners each have their own electric meter and they are invoiced once a year in January (the average annual bill is £250)

Are the site fees the same on all pitches?

Patrington’s Owners pay the same site fees no matter where their pitch is and get a concrete base, allocated parking as well as a garden area which you can fence off if you choose to.

Are there options to finance a Holiday home purchase?

Patrington uses a number of different banks etc. to offer a number of options depending on a customer’s credit history, current interest rates start at 9.9% APR


Do all pitches have allocated or designated parking?

Every pitch at Patrington has its own parking space for at least one car.

Are Caravan Owners allowed to develop their pitch and erect garden fences?

Owners at Patrington Haven are allowed to develop their plot provided approval is given prior to work beginning. Owners are also allowed to fully fence off their garden plots.

Are Caravan Owners allowed to have a shed?

Patrington allows metal or plastic sheds only and the maximum size of a shed is 8ftx6ft. These do not have to be purchased at the park.

Are Caravan Owners allowed clothes lines?

Yes, as long as they are taken down when not in use

Caravan Garden Pitch

Season Length, Facilities and Park Rules

What is the length of season?

Patrington is open from 7th February to the 7th January annually (11 months)

Are the facilities opened all year round?

We suggest asking this question if the park advertise they are 11 or 12 months, as on many parks the swimming pool, bar etc. often close down in October / November and don’t re-open until March
All Patrington’s facilities are open 364 days a year

What are the opening times for the pool, gym etc?

Patrington’s are open on average 6.30 am – 10 pm and 364 days per year.

Can family or friends come and use the caravan and the facilities?

Yes, family and friends are allowed to use the facilities at Patrington.

Does the park allow pets?

Yes, Patrington is very dog-friendly for conscientious owners who clean up after them and keep them on a lead. There is even have a fully enclosed dog exercise area as well as 3-4 miles of bridleways adjacent to the Park

What are the Beer prices and food prices?

Many parks have very high prices! At Patrington Beers start from £2.70 per pint, Lager £3.20 per pint Spirts £2.00 and Wines £2.75 per glass or from £11.90 per bottle, which match local pub prices. The restaurant has an extensive menu available with very competitive prices, all freshly prepared by chefs using as much local produce as possible.

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Holiday Home Questions

Is there an age limit on the Holiday Homes?

Some parks have age limits, meaning customer buy another caravan or leave the Park after a set period.
At Patrington, you to have your caravan there for as long as you wish as long as you keep it in good condition (this is also written into their license agreement).

Can Caravan owners buy insurance elsewhere, or do they have to purchase insurance sold by the Park?

Patrington’s Owners are free to shop around and see if they can get better cover cheaper.

What options do customers have if they wanted to sell and leave the park?

Patrington’s Owners are allowed to sell privately, sell back to the park, sell off the Park or even take their Holiday Homes to another Park.

Renting Your Holiday Home & Off-Setting Your Running Costs

Are Customers allowed to sublet their caravan?

At Patrington, Owners can privately sub-let their Holiday Homes.

If so, can the park arrange the key handling and is there a charge for this service?

Patrington provides FREE key handling as long as they have written confirmation from the Owner of the Holiday Home.

Does the park take any commission for allowing customers to sublet out their caravan?

Owners can advertise their caravans free of charge on the parks main website and they take no fee or commission.

Who cleans a caravan if it is rented out?

Patrington can put customers in contact with people who already clean other Owners caravans and you pay them directly.

We hope you have found this useful and if you have any further questions which might not be covered above, then please just ask, we are more than happy to help. If you would like to download this guide click here

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