Top Tips For The Heatwave

Date: July 23, 2019

Are you enjoying this weather? The heatwave is here. It’s back and it looks like its staying for a while. Today as it is predicted to reach over 30 degrees, we thought we would give you our top tips for staying cool here at the Park.

1. Staying hydrated is key. Guy’s Café Bar and Restaurant can help. Come along today to cool down from heatwave with a huge range of beverages from soft drinks to Slush Puppies. You can sit outside in the seating area and socialise in the sun with your icy drink.

2. Always make sure you have sun cream on. Even though it may not be a cooling effect, it protects you against the effects of the sun. If you need to purchase some there is a pharmacy in the village or shop just a short drive away in Withernsea

3. If the heatwave gets too much, come across to the Country Club and have a dip in the pool, it’s a great way to cool off! The pool is open from 6:30 am every day, perfect for all you early risers out there and great for a family swim throughout the day.

4. A tip to keep your caravan cool is to keep your blinds and curtains closed throughout the day. This is a really easy way to keep your caravan feeling nice and cool.

5. Guys Café Bar and Restaurant offers a huge range of delicious ice creams. They stock all of the family favourite flavours as well as a few more ‘interesting ‘ones. If you don’t fancy ice cream there are lots of different food options salads to sandwiches.

6. It is best to choose lighter colours over dark as darker colours absorb more heat. Also, loose clothing is always good which allows air to get in.

7. For your furry friends, it is suggested that you take them for walks early in the morning or late in the evening when it is cooler.  You could go for a calming walk around the lake or even go for a short walk into the village.

If you’ve got any great tips for staying cool and enjoying this amazing weather let us know!



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