Why Taking Regular Saunas Is Good for You

Date: March 24, 2017

If you live or holiday in Hull or surrounding areas have you considered membership to the Patrington Haven country club?

At Patrington Haven Leisure Park we lead the market in services for our customers. What makes our leisure park stand out from the crowd? Our outstanding facilities! We’re certain you’ll love taking time to unwind in our sauna after a swim or a session in the gym. But did you know that taking regular saunas can actually benefit your health?

Flush Toxins

The human body removes toxins through sweat. During time spent relaxing in the intense heat of the sauna, your body will sweat more than normal thereby ridding itself of more toxins than normal. Deep sweating in a sauna can help reduce levels of lead, copper, zinc and mercury among numerous other chemicals and toxins which our body tends to absorb in our daily environment.

Lady in sauna

Relieve Stress

Stress actually has a very negative impact on your body. Taking the time to relax in one of our beautiful saunas or steam rooms will help you to unwind and let go of your everyday stresses. The heat from the sauna actually stimulates the release of endorphins (our body’s ‘happy’ chemical) which is why you’ll leave the sauna grinning from ear to ear!

Burn Calories

If you’re worried about putting on weight on holiday but you don’t want to skip any delicious meals from our on-site restaurant, why not take some time out in the sauna? Your heart rate will substantially increase thanks to the heat. Similarly to when you exercise the heat will speed up your metabolism. It’s estimated that a 20-minute session in the sauna can actually burn around 500 calories.

Improve Cardiovascular Performance

Research has shown that the risk of dying of a cardiovascular disease is 50% lower for men who take one sauna a week. In saunas or steam rooms the core body temperature increases. Due to this temperature rise, your heart rate can increase from around 60-70bpm to 110-120bpm or even 140-150bpm in an intense or longer session. During cooling off your heart rate could sink to below normal. Although this might feel quite strange it’s actually great for your body! It trains your heart muscles, improves your heart rate and helps your body’s regulatory system. You’ll see even bigger improvements if you go for a swim or take a cold shower straight after your sauna session. Sauna users often report improved physical performance as their heat tolerance levels improve, they feel less fatigue and can maintain their energy levels over a longer period of time. If you’re a gym user taking some time to relax in the sauna after a workout is a really effective way to recover. The heat of the sauna increases the blood flow to your strained muscles, helping them to recover and relax quicker (and it’s a great post-workout reward).

Fight Illness

There’s nothing worse than getting ill on holiday! Luckily our saunas can help you avoid illness! Time in the sauna helps your body to produce white blood cells which fight infection. Regular sauna users have a much higher white blood cell count, therefore they find it easier to stay healthy and if they do get ill they tend to recover much faster. Saunas and steam rooms can also alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms and problems associated with colds and allergies. The steam vapour helps to clear congestion.

Relaxing in sauna

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

We don’t recommend taking a nap in the sauna! However, many people find that sessions in the sauna can enhance the quality of their sleep. It’s actually recommended for those suffering from insomnia. A 15-20 minute break in the sauna is almost equal to a 1-2 hour walk or workout.

Improve Your Skin

You’ll love the skin benefits you’ll enjoy after some time in our sauna. In the intense heat of the sauna, your body begins to produce sweat through deep sweating. The skin is then cleansed of toxins and dead skin cells are replaced, keeping your skin in excellent working condition. Sweating also rinses the bacteria out of the sweat ducts and epidermal layer of your skin. Saunas will also have an anti ageing effect on your skin. The heat improves the blood flow to your skin which aids the growth of new skin. It also mobilises oils which act as natural antibiotics and moisturisers.

Improve Your Hair

The sebaceous gland on our scalp releases compounds that help condition and moisturise our hair. Every time you kick back in the sauna you activate this gland and therefore improve the condition of your hair!

3 people in sauna

Social Benefits

Of course we can’t forget the recreational and social benefits of time spent in the sauna! The sauna is a fun and relaxed place to socialise and chat with your friends, family and loved ones. However, it’s also a great place to make new friends! It might seem like a strange idea but the sauna environment is actually conducive to open and intimate conversation. If you’ve just bought a home in our park the sauna is a great place to bond with your neighbours. Don’t forget to invite them over for a BBQ after!

Want access to our sauna and other wellness facilities 364 days of the year? Enjoy membership at our Country Club from just £21.96 per month for full use of our fully equipped gym, swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and steam room. When you join we will give you a full induction into the gym, ensuring that you are comfortable using all the equipment and we’ll provide you with a Technogym Wellness Key. Our gym has over 20 classes a week which you have full access to at no extra charge. We also have personal trainers on hand and health checks so you can keep track of your progress.

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