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Returning to your Caravan safely

We recommend taking a couple of minutes to watch the video that shows safety advice for arriving at your holiday home after an extended period of time

We would  recommend these Top Tips:

  • Check that all the taps are closed and turned off before turning your main water back on
  • Run hot water through all taps and shower heads on the hottest setting for at least 10 minutes
  • Flush toilets at least twice
  • Washing machines, dishwashers, coffee machines etc. should be put on a full cycle on the highest temperature setting
  • De-scaling kettles, shower heads and other appliances
  • Remove and dispose of any full moisture traps
  • Take care when walking on your decking or steps as these can be slippery

Holiday Home Subletting

Due to the latest Government regulations, Owners will need to register their rental guests when they make their booking. Your guests will receive an email from the Park after you have submitted this information. They will receive a guest registration form to fill in the details of their full party. This should be completed within 48 hours of receiving the email.

Would you like to sublet your Holiday Home?

Subletting out your holiday home can be a fantastic way to offset yearly running costs. As a Park, we want to help our caravan owners in any way we can. The Park has created a guide to help owners who choose to sublet their caravans, give them ideas of how to advertise their holiday home, and ultimately help with subletting income.

Garden Plot Development

For more information on the standards required to develop your garden plot, please click on the link below to download the garden plot development booklet.

Once you have decided you would like to go ahead, you will need to complete a garden plot development form and email it to ownerservices@phlp.co.uk

Click here to request your garden plot development form via email

Winter Guidance For Your Holiday Home

Discover Patrington Haven Leisure Park’s tips and tricks for protecting your holiday home over the winter time. Please take 2 minutes to watch the video and take the appropriate steps.

Drain Down For Holiday Homes

Holiday Homes are not designed for permanent Winter use and are prone to frost damage if precautions are not taken. Therefore the drain down service that the Park provides is completed on an opt-in basis, as a preventative one but is not ‘fool proof’ against severe weather conditions. If you would like to arrange a Drain Down please email ownerservices@phlp.co.uk

Bookings for Family Swim sessions has moved to online only!

Visit www.countryclubpatrington.co.uk/bookings/ and click on ‘family swimming’

Please follow the steps to book your tickets online.

Demonstration video can be watched here.

Please note: Bookings are not needed for adult swim sessions.

2024 Events Guide!

Get together with family and friends and enjoy Patrington Haven Leisure Park’s unforgettable events in 2024.

Exclusive Owner Select Events are also available throughout the year.

Ticket release dates for certain events are to be announced at a later date. Keep checking back for updates!

Holiday Home Owners Handbook

Congratulations on becoming an Owner and welcome to Patrington Haven Leisure Park.

You should have already received your Owner handbook but if you need to view the digital version please click the link below.

The handbook contains handy information about your caravan, garden plot, Owner exclusive information and much more…

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