Here are some of the questions that many customers have asked in the past

Common Questions
  • Are the food and drink prices good value for money?

    At Patrington Haven Leisure Park, our Country Club is mainly used by our owners, as well as their family and friends.  Unlike most other parks, which have very high prices due to large numbers of holidaymakers, The Country Club matches local pub prices.

    As well as that, our owners have Platinum Membership Passes which give them 10% discount in the bar and restaurant, making food and drink even better value for money!

  • What are the opening times for the pool and gym?

    Our pool, whirlpool, steam room, sauna, and gym are open Monday to Friday from 6.30am – 9pm and 6:30am until 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays, 364 days of the year!

  • What is a garden plot and does every caravan have one?

    Every caravan on Patrington Haven Leisure Park has its own  garden plot with off-road parking.  Every plot has a private footpath and can be fully fenced off just like home. You can landscape it, add flowers, have a patio or decking…the choice is yours! If you wish to make any alterations to your garden plot, a Plot Development form must be completed and passed to reception for approval.

  • Can I have a shed on my garden plot?

    Yes, owners can have a shed, and dependant on the size of the garden plot can have a shed up to 8ft x 6ft. We can provide our owners with details of suppliers, but they are allowed to buy their shed from whichever supplier they wish and get it delivered straight to the park. (Due to fire regulations we can only allow metal or good quality plastic sheds on the park.)

  • Can I have private parking?

    Each caravan garden plot has private parking for at least one car.

  • Is there an age limit on holiday homes?

    There is no age limit on holiday homes at Patrington Haven Leisure Park.  As long as our owners pay their fees, keep to the park rules, maintain their holiday homes and pass annual safety tests, then they may keep their holiday home for as long as they wish at Patrington Haven Leisure Park.

  • Do the facilities close for the winter period like many other parks?

    At Patrington Haven Leisure Park, our owners are able to use our facilities for 364 days of the year – only closing on Christmas Day. So even the month the park closes they can still come and use the gym, go for a swim and enjoy a relaxing drink or meal in Guy’s Restaurant!

  • Can I have a pet at Patrington Haven Leisure Park?

    Patrington Haven Leisure Park is a pet-friendly park with a dedicated fully enclosed Dog Exercise area where dogs can be let off their lead to socialise and have a good run around.

  • Can I Sub-let my static caravan?

    Yes! You can privately sub-let your caravan to offset your running costs and earn some extra cash. However, the park is not responsible for the administration of your sub-letting.

  • Can I bring my caravan from another park to Patrington Haven Leisure Park?

    Yes, we have selected plots for a ‘Bring On’ at Patrington Haven Leisure Park.

  • How is gas and electricity paid?

    Electric is metered and invoiced annually in January. Electric is re-charged out at 14.28 pence per unit. Gas bottles are £82.27 and these are paid for in advance. Depending on how often you use the caravan will determine how long the 47KG gas bottle will last.

  • What are the site fees?

    The running costs are; Site Fees £3,422.69, Rates £284.57, Water and Sewerage Rates £334.26, Gas, Electric & Utility Service Charge £195.15 The total payable is £5,084.00 (inc VAT)

  • How long is the season at Patrington Haven Leisure Park?

    Patrington Haven Leisure Park is open for 11 months, we are open from the 7th Febuary – 7th January.